How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Hello, my fellow foxes~


I am going to be discussing today the idea of spirit guides and how to connect with them.

Spirit guides are your biggest ally and spiritual team. They support and love you and will do anything to see you succeed. They can be angels, ascended masters, or passed loved ones.

You can begin your spiritual journey by directly asking your guides to come into your space. They are always listening to you, so don’t be afraid to ask them to come closer and make themselves known. They may respond with a message through a sign, it may not always be clear but you will become more accustomed to them as time goes on.

Another way of connecting is through meditation. Meditation is a practice where your mind is clear and you are more receptive to receiving information through your third eye and heart chakra. Sometimes when connecting to your guides you will feel your messages or see them.

Connecting with them is as easy as writing. There is an easy method to connect with your guides and it is called automatic writing. It starts by simply clearing your head, and writing a stream of consciousness. This will allow your guides cosmic wisdom to come through and align you with their guidance.

Trying to get messages through dreams is another kind of way you can connect with your guides. You can use a crystal under your pillow, or do a small ritual before bed asking for your spirit guides to come through and leave you advice or any relevant information that they want to pass on to you.

Sometimes, when inviting them in you can use tools like essential oils, incense, crystals, oracle cards, etc. Be sure to invite them in with love and light. Make sure your chakras are open and willing to receive.

Overall, it is about using your intuition to connect with the higher realms. Never be scared because love is always on your side.

Much Love,

Fox And Sun


Spiritual Self-Care

Hello, my fellow foxes ~



Today I thought I’d touch on the topic of spiritual self-care. We all know the importance of self-care but it is very important to realize we are all spiritual beings and need to take care of our energy as well. I will talk about a few ways you can rest and rejuvenate your soul.

Meditation. You can center yourself through a simple meditation practice. Simply try to turn your mind off for five minutes using a guided meditation or even just listen to some nature sounds. You will feel much more relaxed after having your mind at rest. Try not to stress out if you cannot turn your thoughts off but instead try to address that they’re there and then let them go.

Nature.  We could all benefit from stepping outside into nature. There’s something magical about being with the plants and the animals that truly revitalizes our soul. You can even just step outside for five minutes to get some sunshine and it will do your body good to absorb the vitamin D.  Fresh air is always present and it is a gift from the divine.

Nutrition. Taking the time to eat whole foods is very important for not only our bodies but our energy centers. When running on crummy foods your body cannot function at its highest level. So, make sure you are reaching for the best quality food you can find which is fresh produce that is organically grown. Your body will feel better and you will be able to fight off any negative energies a lot more efficiently.

Essential Oils And Crystals. While it isn’t necessary to buy anything for your soul to feel good, sometimes using tools does help. You can raise your vibration by incorporating essential oils and crystals into your daily routine. You can use them to meditate with, or use for emotional regulation. Try finding crystals and essential oils which align with your chakra system to balance out your energies.

With that, I hope you all are having a magical day.

Much Love,

Fox And Sun