The Sacral Chakra

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If you want to know how to feel pleasure again and feel accomplished in your creative projects, you will want to know about the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is above the root chakra like I talked about last time. The sacral chakra is concerned with pleasure, creativity, and emotions. The sacral chakra is represented by the color orange.

When looking into your sacral chakra you have to ask yourself if you feel balanced in your emotions, sex drive, and creativity. If not, you can try and open your sacral chakra by using mantras like – I know how to take care of my needs or I can feel pleasure with no restrictions.

When you find yourself needing more pleasure in your life. You can always do an activity that makes you feel joyous and  loved. Whether it be reading a book, going on a walk, dancing, or creating something. You can also use tantric sexual positions to enhance your sexual pleasure. You can use essential oils like wild orange or tangerine to balance this charka or orange calcite or cornelian crystals.

If your sacral chakra is not working properly you may sense you are sluggish and projects that may once have seemed to bring you joy no longer does. Try coming at it from a different approach. Make it something you want to do not have to do. Always look at things with your true feelings instead of forced feelings. Let them flow through you and process them instead of letting them control you.

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Fox and Sun

How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters


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Have you ever wanted to get closer to the spiritual guidance that is out there for you? My favorite thing about it is it is easy as closing your eyes and breathing. However, thee are other ways to connect to them that I will discuss today.

You can start by entering meditation with the intention of connect with your guides. Try to slow down and keep you breathing deep. Imagine what your spirit guide looks like or what they want to say to you. However, don’t force anything – just relax and find yourself in tune with your guides sooner than you expect.

Another place to go to connect with your guides is in nature. You simply have to use your sesnes to see what your angels, or spirit guides want to say to you. Perhaps it is even meditating in nature or meditating about nature. You have to be open minded and prepared for any sign from them whether it be birds, a certain pathway down a forest trail, or even fruit growing in an unusual area. You never truly know what you will find when you’re in the elements.

Speaking of the elements, you can use fire, earth, air, and water to see if there is a message for you. Keep an eye on the weather, and sometimes you can see a message from your angels that you need to stay home one day, or go outside for a while.

You can use automatic writing to connect with your guides by writing freely from your subconscious. Write freely as long as you want and see if you can connect closer to your spirit guides or angels or ascended masters. They are always available to you through this source.

Use crystals and essential oils to connect with your guides. You can set an intention and use your crystal to hold space for you. You can use certain oils like lavender or frankincense to help you vibrate at a higher frequency to match your masters.

Finding your own technique is perfectly acceptable as well. You can always just say
“I want to receive guidance from my spirit guides.” The most important thing to remember is always the intention. They cannot guide you without asking for them to interfere in your life first.

I hope this helped a little in your spiritual process. I will be posting on the sacral chakra tomorrow, so look for it!


Fox and Sun

The Root Chakra

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There is so much more to our physical bodies that we need to talk about. There is a system of energy that takes over our bodies, called the chakra system. Chakras are spinning wheels of energy that are centered at various parts of our body. You can tell if there are imbalances in your chakra system by noting certain ailments in your life. There are seven main chakras. They are represented as colors so they can be identified easier.

The root chakra is the chakra associated with security and feeling safe in your life and feeling grounded and rooted to the earth. This chakra can be overactive or underactive. The color red represents this chakra.

When your root chakra is imbalanced it can lead to eating disorders, flight or fight syndrome, greed, or even general negativity towards themselves and others.

When it is balanced you feel secure in your body, with finances, and the ability to draw on the energy of the earth.

To balance this chakra you may want to go outdoors, lay hands or feet on the earth, or speak a mantra that confirms your security in yourself.

When you live your life in balance, you feel better. Don’t stress too much though, for you will always come back to balance in the end. Forgive yourself for everything you’ve done or will do and you will find yourself in a happy place.

I will be continuing to write about the chakra system as the weeks go on.

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Fox & Sun