Introducing Twin Flames

My loves,

The universe is always talking to you through dreams, visions, and signs. When you talk to God, he is listening to your prayers. You may have always felt an empty space in your heart that is meant to be filled by no one but yourself. It’s a hard concept to grasp but before you fall in love with someone you  truly have to love yourself. Finding your twin flame is not always an immediate romance. You could have soul shock which means you cannot even be in the same room as the person without feeling ill or overwhelmed. 

In my opinion you have to actually meet your twin flame to experience the twin flame sensation. However, God will get you to your twin flame no matter where you are on your personal journey. The idea of twin flames is that they will never be apart no matter how physically apart they are. You can still read their emotions within your self and you can even develop telekinesis with them.

When twin flames meet, universal order comes into play. There is no reason they should be apart but there are certain aspects of twin flames that keep the apart. Unless they are grown spiritually, they cannot be in union.

Twin flames are mirrors of oneself. They however, have to create their own happiness before they can come into union and be stable. When they are both in sync with each other nothing can tear them apart. It is easy to get frustrated on this journey because the ego is at work. We blame the other twin or go through the dark night of the soul, which is a process of purging our past or the things we do not like about our lives.

When together, however, there is an understanding of one another and though it will never be a fairy tale romance, it will always be joy of being with the other half of your soul. Don’t expect perfection because it doesn’t exist. It is better to go into it without expectations.

Some twin flames are not romantic. You can have a brother, cousin, friend, etc.. as your twin flame.

I hope this explained a little about twin flames and how they may show up in your life.

Much love,

Fox and Sun